Variety of business we sold since 1979. You see that our staff and  the owner, are qualified to represent sellers in any Industry.

NOTE: The businesses that show annual sales from one $ amount to other, is due to the fact we sold multiple Shops, locations through out the years.

Automotive Industry

Audio, Navigation, Security, Radar and Moon Roofs.
Annual Sales from $ 600,000.00 to $ 1.500 M. With Property and without.

Body Shop. Repair minor physical damages Franchise.
Annual Sales $ 350 K.

Body Shops.
Annual Sales from $ 500K to 2.5 M. With Property and without.

Auto Paint Supply Store.
Annual Sales $ 900 K.

Auto Repair Shop and Gas Station.
Annual Sales from $ 2.5 M. to $ 5.5 M. All with Property’s.

Auto Repair Shops from 3 Bay to 10 Bay.
Annual Sales From $ 300 K. to $ 1.2K. Franchise and independent. With Property or without.

Auto Parts Store.
Annual Sales $ 1.2M.

Auto Transmission Shops.
Annual Sales from $ 700 K. to $ 1.5 M. Franchise and independent. With Property or without. In Chicago area and Arizona.

Auto Used Car Lot.
Annual Sales $ 2.8 K. With Property.

Dealership Polaris, Sales and Service. All tip of Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Snowmobiles and Rangers.
Annual Sales $ 2.7 M. with Property in Wisconsin near the Illinois boarder.

Auto Truck Repair.
Annual Sales $ 900 K. With Property.

Fabric Care Industry

Dry Cleaning Plant & Coin Laundry.
Annual Sales $ 700 K to 2.0M With or without Property.

Coin Laundry 2 locations in the State of Alaska.
Annual Sales combine $ 500 K.

Industrial Laundry Plant 9 Uniform Rental Hospitals Linen in the State of Hawaii.
Annual sales $ 4.5 M. and Wisconsin.
Annual Sales $ 400 K.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Plants with multiple locations with or without Rout Service. We serve Illinois, Indiana, Taxes, Wisconsin.  
Annual Sales from $ 250K to $ 6,9 M. With or without Property.

Food Industry.

Bakery, Pastry, Wedding Specialty’s, with or without Commercial accounts.
Annual Sales From $ 300 K to 1.0 M.

Retile Bagel, Deli , Pastry with or without Wholesale Accounts.
Annual Sales from $ 800 K. to 1.5 M.

Retile Store and Wholesale provider of Fine Meats.
Annual Sales $1.8 M.

Coffee, Tea, Pastry and Gift Shop.
Annual Sales $ 350 K.

Concession Stand Used for Summer Festivals.
Annual Sales $ 100 K.

Delis in Shaping Centers and Office Complex.
Annual Sales $ 190 K to $ 300 K.

Fast Food Restaurants with or without Drive through.
Annual Sales from $ 200K. to $ 600 K.

Grocery Store With Fresh Meat, Produce, Deli and Liquor.
Annual Sales $ 750 K. to 2.0 M.

Varied of Restaurants with or without Bar serving Lunch, Dinner, Carry-out and Delivery, including Brewery’s and Irish Pubs.
Annual Sales from $ 500 K. to $ 7.5 M. With Property or without.

Banquet Holes.
Annual Sales from $ 2.0 M to $ 6.0 M.

Sushi and Oriental Specialties Restaurant.
Annual Sales $ 550 K.

Manufacturing Industry.

Aluminum Precision Machining Shop , Vertical and Horizontal.
Annual Sales $ 900 K. Sold with Property.

Candle Manufacturing and Distribution Nationwide.
Annual Sales $ 2.9 M. Sold with Property.

Specialty Teflon Coating Re-manufacturing of Fusing Rollers for Copiers.
Annual Sales $ 750 K.

General Machine Shop. Supplying Threaded Rods and Nuts.
Annual Sales $ 1.1 M.

Cotton Candy Manufacturer.
Annual Sales $ 690 K. Located in Southern , Illinois.

Rebuilders of Large Harris Webb Printing Presses.
Annual Sales $ 1.4 M. Located in Romeoville , Illinois.

Sheet Metal Fabricator.
Annual Sales $ 450 K.

Precision Metal Fabricating, Assembling and Painting.
Annual Sales $ 11.3 M. Tow Locations in Tucson, Arizona and Nogales Sonora, Mexico.

Design and Manufacture of Point-of- Purchase Displays.
Annual Sales $ !.1 M. Located in Walworth, Wisconsin.

Mold Maker and Die Cast Manufacturer.
Annual Sales $ 500 K.

Varies type of Business.

Appliance Sales and Service.
Annual Sales 1,2 M.

Bicycle Shops.
Annual Sales from $ 150 K. to $ 450 K. Both with Property’s.

Beauty Salons with or without Day Spa.
Annual Sales from $ 200 K. to $ 950 K.

Bridal and Boutique Shop.
Annual Sales $ 450 K.

Cellular Phone, Verizon Dealer with 7 locations, all Downtown Chicago.
Annual Sales $ 4.5 M.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.
Annual Sales $ 200 K.

Children Play Center with Party Rooms.
Annual Sales $300 K. Franchise.

Cleaning Services, Home and Office.
Annual Sales from $ 250 K to $ 1,1 M.

Chimney Cleaning Service & Repair.
Annual Sales $ 150 K.

Computer Store, Sales, Systems Design, Parts and Service.
Annual Sales $ 1.8 M.

Contractor Commercial, Residential.
Annual Sales $ 1.9 M.

Dog/Cats Groom Shop and Academy.
Annual Sales $680 K.

Home Electronics with Show Room and Cellular Phone authorized. Sales, Service, Installation and Parts Sale.
Annual Sales $ 2.2.M. with Property.

Fence Sales, Custom Design and Installation.
Annual Sales from $ 200 K. to 1.7 M. With or without Property.

Freight Forwarder Local, Interstate and International.
Annual Sales from $ 2,8 M to $ 4.0 M.

Fitness Center.
Annual Sales $ 300K.

Floral & Gift Shops.
Annual Sales From $ 250 K. to $ 400 K.

Golf Apparel, Golf Clubs and Accessories.
Annual Sales $ 490 K.

Gun Shooting in Door Range, Gun Shop and Gun Reaper.
Annual Sales $ 200K.

Greeting Cards, Collectibles, Crystal, Candles Store.
Annual Sales $ 550 K.

Heating and Air Conditioning Sales and Service.
Annual Sales $500 K.

Jeweler Store.
Annual Sales $ 350 K.

Landscaping and Snow Plow.
Annual Sales $ 350 K.

Liquor Store With Lotto.
Annual Sales $ 950 K.

Marina, Boat Storage and Repairer.
Annual Sales $ 900 K. With Property.

Marketing Research Data Collection with Audience Studies, Mystery Shopping and Telephone interviewing.
Annual Sales $ 1.7 M.

Office Furniture, Accessories and Complete Interior Design.
Annual Sales $ 1.2 M.

Orthopedic Footwear and Custom Inserts.
Annual Sales $ 250.K.

Pack N Ship Stores, with Mail Box’s Rental.
Annual Sales from $ 200 K. to $ 450 k.

Party and Gift Store, Balloons, Party Supplies and Party Decorating Services.
Annual Sales $ 280 K.

Pat and Birds Store.
Annual Sales $ 300 K.

Printing Web Press Long-Ron Work Plant.
Annual Sales $ 7.0 M. Located in Miami, Florida.

Printing, Copy, Design Shops.
Annual Sales from $ 350 K. to $ 2.0 M.

Sport Cards, Comic Books and Coins Store.
Annual Sales $ 390 K.

Sale of Soccer, Volleyball and Clothing with in Door Playing Field Store 2 Locations.
Annual Sales $ 1.7 M.

Tanning Salon.
Annual Sales $ 100 K.

Tax Service.
Annual Sales $ 200 K. Franchise.

Tobacco, Cigars and Accessories.
Annual Sales $ 350 K.

Trucking Co.’s. Local and Interstate.
Annual Sales $ 900 K. to $ 2.9 M. With or without Property.

Window, Doors Sales and Service.
Annual Sales $ 1.8 M.

Upscale Resale Shop.
Annual Sales $ 350 K.