Full Service Business Brokerage House

What is a Full Service Business Brokerage House?

A Full Service Business Brokerage House is a firm which is capable of providing sellers the following:

  • A tailor-made “Confidential Business Profile” specifically for the business to be sold.

  • A Business Evaluation.

  • Guide the seller through the process and be their adviser on issues that come up.

  • Provide a Monthly Status Report to let the seller know the activity which has taken place on the sale of their business.

  • Know how to provide the best exposure of the business in the marketplace, while remaining strictly confidential.

We have you Covered!

AAA Venture Business Brokers Ltd., in the last three years, has enjoyed a BUSINESS SOLD RECORD between 68% and 75%. Because we are a Full Service Business Brokerage firm, our commitment extends to the buyer, as well, by helping a buyer to better understand the business they are purchasing, and by providing them with the following:

  • A tailor-made “Confidential Business Profile” which will give them three to four years of financial information along with cash flow on the company for the same years. Also provided is background and history, product examination, employee chart (including job titles, salary information, and length of time with the company), training time, reason for selling, and a description of equipment and fixtures to be sold along with the business (asset list).

  • Provide them with the steps they will have to take, if interested in purchasing the business, to move forward after reading the Confidential Business Profile.

  • After showing the business to the buyer, we will answer any additional questions they have and provide them with different financing options, which is a key factor in a successful acquisition.

  • After an offer is made and has been accepted, if the buyer needs an attorney or accountant, we will provide them with that.

Business Appraisals

Why us?

Listing your business for sale we evaluate your business FREE OF CHARGE. This will help us couplet a Professional Profile on your business.

Why and when do you need to value your business?
  • A business should be evaluated every two to three years due to climate changes in the marketplace. This will allow a business owner to see when it is time to sell and be prepared to sell. By taking the business valuation to their accountant, the seller can be assisted in exiting from his or her business with a minimum of capital gain.
  • AAA Venture Business Brokers Ltd. also evaluates businesses for partnerships where two or more partners cross insure each other with life insurance policies, estates, banks, financial institutions and divorce cases.

Many business owners are not aware that there are brokers who specialize in the sale of businesses and they will use their friendly neighborhood real estate broker. The broker will agree to list the business, not having a clue on how complex and involved a job he or she just took on. As a result, eight out of ten businesses listed with a neighborhood real estate broker do not sell, and the broker is left with a dissatisfied client and the possibility of losing out on sales in the future.

In recent years, we have found that neighborhood real estate brokers will recommend that a professional business brokerage firm handle the listing.

The process of buying or selling a business requires a dedicated professional with specific credentials that they obtain through the International Business Brokers Association and the Institute of Business Appraisers, Inc.

Business Financing

We can provide SBA loans and Conventional loans, for Purchasing a Business, Purchasing Property, Start-up Business Loan, Purchasing Equipment for Existing Business, Working Capital. We have provided financing for the past 15 years.

Providing Loans

  • Fitness & Personal Trainer Co. Start-up financing, located in Schaumburg IL.
  • Engineering Co. Purchasing the Property, Refinancing the Business to include working Capital, located in Elk Grove Village, IL.
  • Fast Food Restaurant, Purchasing the Property, Located in Burbank, IL.
  • Gas Station with Auto Repair Shop, Purchasing the Property and Refinancing the Business, located in Arlington Heights, IL.

Business Listing

Marketing and facilitating a business transfer is a full time job!

You deserve someone who is knowledgeable and will work as hard as you do in your profession. A qualified Business Broker will save buyers and business owner’s money by helping them to avoid costly mistakes, effectively marketing the appeal of the seller’s business and maximizing exposure to serious, qualified buyers.